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Sonicmodell AR Wing - Cruising a Sunset #7

By Matebox in Motion, 17 Dec 2017 into AR Wing in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

AR Wing - Cruising a Sunset (narrated, 2160p) - Winter time, the dark time of the year. Pairan gets the chance to fly the AR Wing for the usual maintenance and test. But he makes a stupid mistake!

Whats up, youtube?
It's been a while and the chances of getting to fly are pretty rare these days. We apologise as this point but there is just no reasonable time to fly by now. To much wind, RAIN and NO DAYLIGHT. You know us- we prefer to go safe as we are up in the sky. This simply reduces the opportunities for us.

iNav AutoTune doing a good job!?
Maybe we are picky at the moment but Pairan is getting suspicious about the autotune. He thinks that having an untuned AR Wing is more calm in the air than a tuned one! "It starts to waggle after the tuning- I'll have an eye on that!" See it in the video

GitUp F1 - is it good?
Currently we are putting it to the test. The AR Wing is configured to carry all of the 4K action cams we have. This is the Foxeer Legend 3, the GitUp F1 and the Yi 4K+
The result of the GitUp F1 is good by now and we are pretty happy with it. Still it is a new camera but the support from GitUp is present so wishes wont be ignored and bugs get fixed!
The footage in this video was recorded far to dark. Pairan did configure it to record in EV -1.3 which makes everything to black in the sunset time. So we altered the brightness of the dark areas a bit instead of deleting the footage! Other stuff haven't been touched- no additional color grading. We think the camera has some potential as it is competing to the 4K game with Foxeer and others. Interested in more? Fine the link below!

It's time for the GREETINGS!
You guys are awesome! We thank you all for subscribing to the channel and for the huge support by using the affiliated links. This really helped us on our journey. The new cameras have been funded that way (over time) and we deliver thankful greetings and hopefully better footage to you as a return!
So for here and now : THANK YOU ALL - YOU ARE AWESOME!

Notice on affiliated links
Some links may be affiliated. This means, if you buy the linked items on the particular page, we will get a little benefit.

We use this to buy our stuff on our own. In short terms: By buying these items, you help us keep going!

The AR Wing uses these components (affiliated links):
AR Wing KIT:
AR Wing PnP:
Motor DYS2822 1800kv (3s Cruising):
30A Opto ESC:
Servos MG92B:
Prop 7050 APC": ***
Prop 6055" APC:
GPS Beitian BN-880:
Matek F405-OSD FC:
Matek FCHUB 6S:
FPVCam Runcam Eagle2:

Gitup F1 :

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