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AR Wing 4.1 km Sunset Flight

By Adrian Lee, 19 Dec 2018 into AR Wing in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

The Sonic Modell AR Wing 900 is a great FPV platform that sports excellent flight Characteristic for both Beginners and advance flyers. As each day goes by i keep pushing the limits of my setup, the days of me dreaming of flying out to 4.1km or 2.6 miles are things of the past. The AR WING 900 sports a very large Equipment bay to house things like your batteries, fpv gears, flight controller etc. with some Future upgrades on the horizon for this little Gem i am looking forward to have her out to at lease 10km or more.

Spec: AR WING 900mm
2207 2300KV Samguk wei Motors
6045 Prop
30a Beheli 32bit ESC
1500mah 4s Lipo
5.8ghz VTX
Flysky FS-I6 Transmitter with X6B Receiver
2watt 2.4ghz Singal Booster.
Pixhawk Flight Controller
15mins Flight time

Music: Scott Holmes-Driven To Success
Music: Scott Holmes-Follow your Dreams

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