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AR Wing First Flights

By bonafidepirate, 20 Jan 2018 into AR Wing in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

AR Wing 900mm PNP -

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Here's the first flights with the Sonic Model AR Wing. I installed a Dragonlink Mini receiver, a 200mW 1258MHz vTX, and a Runcam Owl Plus 2 camera. (Swift 2 for the second flight) The HD video is from the Runcam 3. I used the stock ESC and it's internal 1A UBEC for now, and powered it with a 3S 2200mAh LiPo battery. I used the stock throws, how the linkages came pre-installed. I set up a basic model with elevon mixing in the Taranis and left it at that, with no dual rates, expo, etc. The CG is right on the marks, though it feels a little nose heavy to me, I will experiment with this later. It did take a little "up" trim to fly level. I flew a few quick laps LOS to get it trimmed, landed and adjusted the clevises on the pushrods so it's trimmed with the radio trims centered, then went right into the FPV flying you see here. Overall it's a nice flying little wing, it feels "right" and natural, and flies like my old wings that I've got hours and hours of airtime on... lol This will certainly be a good platform for a small flight controller. Listen close and you can hear the chants in the distance... "iNav!" "iNav!!!" :D

Thanks again to Gearbest for providing this wing for review, without them and you, the viewers, I would not be building and flying new models. So thanks to everyone who has a part in making this happen!

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