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AR Wing Manual Mode Test

By Glenn Thow, 30 Mar 2019 into AR Wing in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

Took the AR Wing out for the third flight intending to setup the trims in manual mode but after swapping out the T-Motor F60 Pro 2207 2200KV and 6 inch prop for a T-Motor 2212 1100KV with 8x4.5 APC prop the testing went out of the window. Manual mode was twitchy but so much fun, just need to set up trim, throws and more expo and on a calmer day this Wing is going to be so much better.


Sonic Modell AR Wing 900mm
Matek F405 Wing FC running iNav 2.1.0
T-Motor 2212 1100KV Motor
APC 8x4.5 Prop
Spedix 5 amp ESC
Runcam Eagle 2
GoPro Session 5

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