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3D Printed Landing Skids For AR Wing High Speed FPV Flying Wing

By alishanmao, 24 Sep 2017 into AR Wing in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

I modified my Sonicmodell AR Wing with my favorite OFM Power Combo that I used to use on my super fast FPV racing Tilt Rotor Quadcopter. And then I 3D Printed some landing skids for AR Wing. Now I can land without damaging the propeller and I can even take off from ground just fine. No more needs of hand launch. Equipped with this custom power combo, this AR Wing is simply a different animal. It is now a flying bullet at full throttle. Flying FPV at these speeds is going to be super duper fun. Also I added a Tiny Autopilot and now my AR Wing has Stabilization and Auto Return to home features that I will demonstrate in this very video as well. Today I am running a GoPro Hero 4 in the nose section.

Sonicmodell AR Wing is a fantastic Flying Wing specially designed for FPV and FPV Racing in minds. AR Wing is a very well thought out design that makes this kit simply plug and play. No glue assembly is a breeze. There is plenty of space in the fuselage for you to install your FPV and autopilot gear. There is a special area cut out in the wing to mount your FPV Camera apart from the easy to install and remove HD Camera pods with 2 different HD Camera covers. Top Cover and HD Camera nose cover is held with powerful magnets that makes it a breeze to take your HD Cameras in and out before and after flights. AR Wing is equipped with a 2300kv Motor that can be powered by either a 3S or 4S battery using a 30Amp ESC, and motor Spinning a 6 inch 2 blade propeller, can offer plenty of speed and flight times on this neat Flying wing. It is light weight, it flies super stable and offers plenty of power and speed on its stock setup even when HD cameras and FPV Systems are installed and flown with 4S battery. Setup properly you can easily do 2 to 5km FPV Flights on AR Wing or just have fun zooming around yourself at high speeds. With its charming looks and superb flight performance, you will soon find yourself hooked flying FPV with this wing. Sonicmodell AR Wing FPV Wing is a fun and addicting FPV Flying wing and this is a highly recommended product for all Fixed wing FPV Lovers.

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You can download these Skids STL files here and 3D Print as per your choice

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