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Sonicmodell AR Wing - Maiden flight and crash #03

By Matebox in Motion, 19 Aug 2017 into AR Wing in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

Sonicmodell AR Wing Maiden flight // Best in FullHD (1080p) Pairan and Zahnelf are out for a maiden day. In this video launch the AR Wing for the first time ...

Did it survive and what happened?
Well, yes, it did! But more important is why it came down. Because of the flexy elevons Pairan was unable to make a turn in the right moment and before bashing into a group of trees. After being out of sight there was only one thing left to do: a controlled crash.

What now?
It's called BUILD-FLY-CRASH-REPEAT for a reason! The wing has been repaired and will get into the air pretty soon after all components are checked and a weather slot opens up.

If you are interested in the wing, then consider this not to get a easy start! You will have to reinforce several parts of the wing to make it fly as it is assumed to. Grab some carbon rods, lamination and get going! This wing really needs a hand to fly.


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The AR Wing uses these components (affiliated links):
AR Wing KIT:
AR Wing PnP:
Motor DYS2822 1400kv (3s Cruising):
Servos MG92B:
Prop 6055" APC:
Foxeer Legend 3:
Matek F405 FC:
Matek PDB:

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