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AR Wing Crash

By Glenn Thow, 01 Apr 2019 into AR Wing in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

Went out to test 5S versus 4S with 7 & 8 inch props, got addicted to the speed and found out its not a good idea to try and fly inverted at 65 mph on a windy day when watching the ground speed in the OSD to try and beat your record :-)


Sonic Modell AR Wing 900mm
Matek F405 Wing FC running iNav 2.1.0
T-Motor 2212 1100KV Motor
APC 8x4.5 Prop
Spedix 35 amp ESC
Turnigy Graphene 1800 mah 70C 5S lipo
Runcam Eagle 2
GoPro Session 5

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