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Wings // 900mm AR Wing FPV

By J Ray FPV, 04 Nov 2019 into AR Wing in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

Flying with my pal Slo-mo FPV! We had a great time flying the fixed wings together! The first clip was a personal record of 1.5miles away from myself! (thanks Andy for keeping me distracted??) This was the first time I chased anything with my AR wing and let me tell you... It was hard as hell to find the other airplane at first (way different than fling a quad) Once i had him locked in.. it was easy peasy to keep him in view.

OHH SNAP! Realsteady go works great for my wing footage! Now it's actually watchable! I'm really happy about this because I would like to incorporate more AR flights on my channel but the footage was always too hard and shaky to enjoy watching! Hope you enjoy!

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The Gear I use.
------------------------ FPV Wing
Air frame: Sonicmodell AR 900mm wing
Motor: SunnySky X2212-8 1400Kv
ESC: T-motor 45amp Bl heli 32
Servos: 9g digital stock
FC: Matek F-405 wing
VTX: Eachine Tx 805 25-800mw Wow!!! This VTX is awesome!!! No Kidding!
Fpv cam: Foxeer Monster Mini
Prop: APC 9/4.5 Qc
Fatshark Dominator V3
Module: Laforge V2 diversity
Antenna: TBS Triumph RHCP
Diversity antenna: Immersion RC Spiro net 8dBi
Transmitter: Frsky Taranis X9D Plus
External TX: TBS Crossfire Micro
MuSic: Debussy - RĂªverie. Covered by an awesome pianist. Check it out! It's mind blowing!

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