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Sonic Modell AR Wing - Great for learner

By Elecifun, 24 Sep 2019 into AR Wing in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

After crashing my AR wing 30+ times and using glue and tape to fix it
I decided a new AR Wing frame was justified. I really did not believe it would last as long.
I have made every mistake with this wing as I started as a complete noob to flying wings. The first day I did not get it into the air but broke the nose, damaged my HD camera.
I must have had 20+ more like 40 failed launches. I pushed myself to launch manually.
After figuring out my comfortable launch technique, 0 failed launches since.
The crashes in the field I used to fly over left my legs cut to pieces with every recovery, it was hard work on the frame but it lasted.

Sonic Modell
Cheers from UK

Music: Juri Wong - I'm a dude

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