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Sonicmodell AR Wing - Remaiden #05

By Matebox in Motion, 03 Sep 2017 into AR Wing in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

Remaiden // Best in FullHD (1080p) TheAR Wing had to get back into the air and this time for real! Pairan takes out on remaiden and hopes for some nice footage

Perhaps one of the most intense feelings after having crashed on the first attempt! Starting to act strange, the stomach is getting nervous and then the moment is there! The only thought: FLY YOU DAMN THING!

In the air
The motor spins up, you throw the plane gently ... and it takes off! Hands back on the Tatanis and yay ... success! It flies pretty nice ... and even FAST on a 3s setup! So you gotta have your eyes on the wing as there is nobody else than you in control: no FC, no stabilisation, no nothing! Just a RX with to servos and an ESC!

And why that!? Now, this is Pairan on his idea about a new plane! And goes a little something like this:

1) BEFORE flying with a flight controller or stabilisation, it's good practise to LEARN how the plane flies as it is! If something is wrong, then you'll figure it at once! LEARN to feel how it reacts upon your inputs and keep that in mind!

2) Sort any flaws out! adjust the control surfaces, CG issues and perhaps the motor/prop as it could be to powerful, slow, unresponsive or simply WRONG SETUP

3) When the first points are done, you are ready to GEAR UP! NOW its time to add all you fancy stuff like FPV gear, flight computer, LEDs and decals. BECAUSE now you know the plane flies! But do it step by step as every modification could become a failure or have a negative impact on the plane! While doing it step by step you'll know WHAT has changed and where to tweak!

The benefit is easy to see
If you load up a new plane with all your gear, there can be many problems that trouble you while flying! And if it crashes, you perhaps trash ALL YOUR COOL GEAR! This is not cool!

So ... go easy on new planes, step by step, learn how the fly and the begin to pimp them bit after bit to STAY IN CONTROL and reduce the possible LOSS to a minimum.

We'll see you guys next time, when Pairan tries to load TWO LIPOS into the AR WING ...

Stay safe, fly safe!

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