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FPV flying and frozen fingers. ArcticRc really deserves its name!!

By ArcticRc, 19 Nov 2017 into Avios Bushmule in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

This is perhaps the last day of flying before total darkness the next two months. Out with the 2.4 meter Sky cruiser from TopRc and the cessna 182. Im going to try a receiver with stabilization on the glider cause it is a bit hard to see how much i correct it when it is far away.
Morten flew my cessna but to windy to try and get close up shotswith the glider. We are working on some lights for the airplanes wich will be very cool during the dark period. The temprature out today was minus 6-8 degrees and about 8 mps wind. the wind calmed down as we where heading home :)

Hope you all enjoy

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Edit: Adobe Premiere with some color grading.

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