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Multi Engine ESC Throttle Calibration and Brake Setup

By Dave Merc Productions, 15 Nov 2017 into Avios Bushmule in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

Multi Engine ESC Throttle Calibration and Brake Setup
Are your motors going different speeds?
Do you need to remove the motor brake?

ESC (electronic speed control)
If your brushless motors spin at different speeds or one starts before the other you should watch this video. There is a simple fix.
Also if you want to turn off the motor brakes I will show you how to turn off the ESC brake.
ESC Throttle Range Calibration and Brake Setup can both be done using the throttle stick on your RC radio.

How to change or set throttle range
electronic speed control calibration 01:28

How to remove motor brakes
electronic speed control brake setup 02:30

More info on the short stopper with power switch

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