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Avios BushMule 1500mm First Flight

By André Rousseau, 26 Aug 2017 into Avios Bushmule in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

Well only really got 1 flight in with the BushMule or BM.
The 2nd pack dropped a cell and someone left the rest of his 4S batteries back on the bench at home.

That said the BM flew great. A touch faster than my old SkyMule but it still slows down to a nice crawl.
I need to balance those props and do a little tweaking to the flight while the flaps are deployed but other wise I call this a successful maiden.

HobbyKing has done well with the updates to one of my favourite planes.

New landing gear, improved nose gear, 4S, reversing escs, float package, cargo drop door, better elevator setup, LEDs and a nice colour revisions.

Avios BushMule 1500mm (59") (Yellow/Grey) (PnF)

Width: 1500mm (59")
Length: 1095mm (43")
Weight: 2250g
Motors: 2 x 3536mm 850KV brushless outrunner motor
ESC: 2 x 30A w/ reverse

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