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Epic RC Plane Crash - HobbyKing Durafly SkyMule Twin FPV Sports Model 1500mm RC Plane

By GBLynden's RC, 11 Mar 2016 into Avios Bushmule in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

This video features an Epic RC Plane Crash with the HobbyKing Durafly SkyMule Twin FPV Sports Model 1500mm RC Plane. I capture Bill flying it in complete command of the plane and then near the middle of the video it make a weird sound pointing right at the ground with a crash landing at the end.

I included some nice up close footage of the crash site and some funny banter between Bill and I.

This isn't the first crash Bill has afforded us. His other notable RC Plane Crashes include ones with his Great Planes Electrifly Syncro EDF Jet and his HobbyKing Durafly MK-24 Spitfire WWII Warbird. He has also provide us with some excitement from near crashes with some of his planes, including his Durafly Tundra RC Bush Plane

Here are the videos for each of those in case you missed them:

- Durafly MK-24 Spitfire -
- Great Planes Syncro -

It won't be long until I have an RC Plane Crash Compilation of just Bill having a good time learning how to fly :)

As promised at the end of the video, here is the link to Bill's YouTube Channel:

This is what Hobby King and Durafly has to say about this Twin Engine RC Plane:

Looking for a model that can handle anything you throw at it and keeps coming back for more? Introducing the Durafly® ™ SkyMule, the work horse of the sky.

The SkyMule has been designed as an all purpose, all pilot model that is ready for land or snow right out of the box. With its generous internal spacing, twin engine layout and easy access design it is also ideal for carrying autopilot and FPV equipment as well as handling the weight of larger batteries for long flight times.

Excellent for sport type flying and aerobatics, the SkyMule has a wide flight envelope allowing it to fly well both at fast and slow speeds. With two powerful 1100kv brushless outrunners, this model has plenty of get-up-and-go with plenty of vertical. Loops, rolls and inverted flight are not an issue at all with predictable flight characteristics. At a wingspan of 1500mm, it has a great presence in the air, but with removable 2 piece wings it is also easy to transport to and from the field.

As a platform for FPV is where the SkyMule really comes into its own. The fuselage has plenty of room to mount your equipment that is easily accessible from a huge side door. Included in the box is a FPV canopy allowing you to easily mount a camera keeping the nose out of shot. It also has a removable nose cone for mounting an FPV camera right up front and molded into the bottom is a hole for a camera for birds eye views. To minimize interference, there is also a removable hatch for mounting of FPV transmission equipment. A great deal of thought has gone into the design of this model and it is the most feature rich FPV platform on the market today.

There can be no doubt that this model is a looker. The EPO finish is superb, and the sport scale decals really gives this model a real personality. To finish off the look of this truly utilitarian plane, included in the box are a set of skis which makes this model a lot of fun to fly off sand as well as snow in those winter months where your flying time is normally quite limited. Not anymore!

No matter how you plan to use the SkyMule, we're sure you will have many enjoyable hours up in the air with this reliable steed.

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