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Avios Bush Mule Complete loss of power and then into the lake!!!!!

By Fat Guy Flies RC, 05 Dec 2018 into Avios Bushmule in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

Any ideas what happened? I got my Dads boat and recovered the plane. No damage can be seen with the exception of the canopy is MIA. I will take the plane apart and go through it with a fine tooth comb and try to figure where the power loss came from. I am lean towards the soldered t60 female plug that Avios has doubled up with the wires from both ESCs. It should be noted that when I finally found the plane after dark, she was upside down on the other side of the lake and with the lights now ON!!! I believe the impact connected the lose connection. Also I had to use 2 sets of pliers to unplug the battery from the ESC lead. I think these got hot, expanded then rapidly cooled down in the water almost fusing them together. Worst case scenario's will be complete replacement of power system from Props to Battery. Also excuse my language again....I seem to have a cussing issue also...LOL

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