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HK Bush Mule FPV Build Part 4 - First Test Flights, Maiden flight a bit dicey

By dmercØØ RTP, 16 Oct 2017 into Avios Bushmule in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

The maiden flight was bit dicey or squirrely.
I made a few adjustments and then tried again. The landings... well lets just say the pilot needs practice.
The Bush Mule is a forgiving plane when it comes to piloting mistakes and the landing gear are stronger than I thought! I really like the look and sound of the twin props too.

I am using a 1.3 GHz 400mw Video Transmitter, APM Pro flight controller with separate Minimin OSD board and the EZUHF 433 MHz LRS. This is very similar to my SkyWalker system so I will include some links below for the equipment setup. The Bush Mule does have flaps and a cargo bay door and reversing so two extra channels will be added for those servos. Later a camera pan/tilt will be added for a better FPV experience.

Bush Mule RC Plane


Setup EZUHF LQ or RSSI on MinimOSD for APM

Ardupilot MinimOSD Setup with Config Tool and FTDI USB Adapter, EZUHF Setup.

Drotek Ublox NEO-M8N GPS + HMC5983 compass (XL) GPS + GLONASS + BEIDOU + Galileo

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