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AVIOS 10K Twin 70mm EDF Bush Mule jet PNF Maiden flight

By Robert Petrincic, 26 Dec 2018 into Avios Bushmule in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

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Want a plane that can take on anything? Born from the same stable as our best-selling SkyMule, the AVIOS Bush Mule is the sturdy workhorse of the sky. Taking rough terrain, water and snow in it's stride, this Plug and Fly model plane uses twin-powered motors to soar through the skies.

Touch down with precision by using the 90° barn door flaps to slow the plane's descent while landing. The AVIOS Bush Mule is fitted with broad wheels, similar to our popular Tundra models, to ensure a smooth landing even on rough terrain. Perfect for short take off and landings, this RC plane was designed for all conditions and all terrain.

Use the in-built cargo door in the tail to drop candy or launch a parachute during flight. You can also purchase floats to land your AVIOS Bush Mule in your local pond, pool or river. Packed with amazing features, the AVIOS Bush Mule is our most verstaile plane to date.

• Twin-powered motors
• 90° barn door flaps to slow down landing descent
• In-built cargo door for parachute launch and candy drops
• Broad Tundra-like wheels for rough terrain

Width: 1500mm (59")
Length: 1095mm (43")
Weight: 2250g
Motors: 2 x 3536mm 850KV brushless outrunner motor
ESC: 2 x 30A w/ reverse

Battery: 3000mah 4S

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