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Bixler 2 FPV Setup with Rangelink, Fatshark, HK Mini OSD, 600tvl Sony HAD Cam and Sunsky Video TX.

By wildernesseric, 30 Sep 2013 into Bixler in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

:::::Edit: 11/16/13
About 50 flights later and this setup is still going strong and working great. I have made a couple changes to my original setup list.
1.)The original motor works great for the stock plane but for FPV equipped longer flights it needs a bigger battery and the stock motor is just to weak to climb well with that much weight. I replaced the stock motor with a HobbyKing 1400kv motor and it fits in the original motor hole(no motor mount needed). It gives me great climbing power with almost no loss in flight time.
2.) I also got the flaps working which helps alot to slow for landings and creates extra lift
when flying in some situations.
3.) The SPW video antenna on my airplane you see in the video was left hand polarized and my receiving helical antenna was right hand polarized. I resoldered the SPW antenna wires to be right hand polarized to match the polarization of the ground helical. My video is super clear now. ::::

This is my HK Bixler2 setup for FPV. I am a noob at this so I thought I would post a video of what I have put together (before I crash it). I put together the components in this airplane with information I gathered by scouring the internet on the subject. Advice for changes or improvements and first flights from you experienced FPV'ers would be much appreciated. Here's my setup:
-HK Bixler 2 airplane with stock motor, propeller, and servos, reinforced with spar in spar and reinforced packing tape under wings, down belly, and on tail. (Hobbyking).
-30 amp Turnigy Plush ESC
-Rangelink 433 mhz UHF LRS with dipole antenna on airplane and whip on TX (Rangelink)
-Turnigy 9x RC controller
-Sunsky 1.2ghz 800mw transmitter / digital receiver (Sunsky)
-3 blade 1.2ghz SPW antenna for video TX (FoxtechFPV)
-1.2ghz 7 turn Helical antenna for video RX (home made, thank you IBcrazy for instructions)
-Mini OSD with GPS module (Hobbyking)
-600TVL Sony super HAD Camera with OSD configure board (securitycamera2000)
-DIY pan and tilt for camera with 9g servos
-Heat sinks on video TX and ESC
-Ferrite rings on main video wires and receiver wire
-2700 Mah Zippy LiPo battery. The whole airplane setup (flight RC, video, OSD, everything) is on this one battery to conserve weight.
-Overall flight weight with battery and everything is 1045 grams.

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