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Bixler 1.1 with motor upgrade

By Leigh Hart, 20 May 2013 into Bixler in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

Upgraded my Bixler 1.1 with a Turnigy D2826-6 2200kv motor with a 7x3E TGS sports prop and a 60A hobbyking ESC. Links below if you're interested - the results are fantastic, once you sort out the CG balance, trim and thrust angle :-)

Stock motor: 450g static thrust. New gear: 1kg static thrust.

Flying with 2200mAh Nanotech 3S 25-50C. Will probably upgrade to 4000mah 3S 35~70C to get the CG right and give it a bit more "oomph".

Links if you want to get the gear:


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