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Bixler FPV Flight & Sneak Peak at Zeta FX-61 Phantom from Hobby King

By BMSWEB, 28 Apr 2013 into Bixler in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

Haven't done much FPVing myself lately . . well Thomas has been the one clocking up all the hours. This was a short 1.5k flight out and back . . just dusting the cobwebs lol Towards the end of the video you get to see Jason's FX-61 Wing. We tried some FPVing together but I had issues with my OSD which made it hard for Jason to get on my tail.

In any case I hope you enjoy the video :)

Camera's Used:
GoPro Hero2 on Bixler
GoPro Hero3 Silver on the Ground
FPV Footage from PZ0420 Security Camera

Jason's Video review of the Zeta Phantom FX-61

Thomas' Channel

GoRig Stabilization Rig - Use for hand held shots on the ground
Search ebay for 261173534956

Below is the Shopping list for everything on this aircraft:
Bixler Aircraft - International

Bixler Aircraft - Australia

Propeller 6 x 4

2200 3S Battery

5.8g 200mw FPV Wireless AV Tx & Rx Set

FPV Antenna's
Using a Skew Planar on vRX and Clover Leaf on vTX
I'm made these myself so I don't have any links sorry. But I do have a build video. I now make these antennas using a Jig

I'm using a 30Amp RCTimer ESC which I got from ebay.

FPV Camera
Direct Link to PZ0420 Camera

GoPro Hero 2
Shop around for this. I paid $330 here in Australia :(

Bixler Mount for FPV Camera and GoPro
Search ebay for item number 251154491961

Nova OSD System
Search ebay for NOVA OSD

Thats all I can think of for now :)

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