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Bixler 1.1 powered glider flying from a croft in the Western Isles of Scotland (2)

By David S, 01 Feb 2019 into Bixler in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

Ranish (a village in the Isle of Lewis) from the sky!
(a bit of it anyway).

Much more successful flight today. The glider is balanced a little bit better, more altitude, more gliding, some nice close passing.
This was the second of about 7 launches.
The Bixler 1.1 has been reinforced at its weak points with a combination of 3M stretchy transparent tape and heavy gorilla tape where needed (I like the look of the black wing tape, like a normal step zone - it doesn't look out of place).
A pound coin was needed to ballast against the camera and keep the centre of gravity manageable (I could have moved the battery aft but I had no spare sticky Velcro).

Lots of interesting locations and smoother flight setup planned.


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