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Bixler 2 New Video Setup for FPV

By hotliner, 25 Apr 2015 into Bixler in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

This video will gives you an overview about my new FPV Video Setup on my Bixler 2. I built a new video hub with includes a modified 180° standard Servo which is controlled via the Rudder Stick on the radio. The idea was to makes the control easy without leave my hands from the sticks. Never the less, controlling via a head tracker or a separate channel/lever/slider is possible as well!
The Video Hub is build from a 3mm hard foam board which is glued together with hot glue. Velcro strap and magnets hold the hub in place. Don't miss the Bixler 2 FPV Setup video for details about the hole setup of the drone

4x 9g Servos (+2 if you want to use the flaps)
1x AXI 2212/20 1120kV (or similar)
1x 8x6 APC E-Prop
1x ESC 25A with BEC
1x Cyclops Storm OSD with GPS
1x Runcam PZ0420H-L36 FPV camera
1x Mobius HD
1x Boscam TS351 video TX 5.8 GHz
1x SPW 5.8 GHz circular polarized antenna
1x LiPo 3s/3300mAh (up to 45 minutes flight time :-))
1x Futaba radio
1x Futaba 8 channel receiver
1x Futaba FS100 Servo (modified to 180°)

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