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Intro to the Bixler 1.1 for FPV (mini review, comparison to Bixler 2)

By ZaksterBlue, 22 Feb 2013 into Bixler in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

I've built a Bixler 1.1 to replace my Bix2 for FPV duties. It is better designed for FPV users with servos mounted further back in the fuselage and no obstructions within the body. This allows easy configuration of FPV gear and distribution of weight.

Being based on the original Bixler, it flies great and floats well even loaded up with FPV gear and over 3000mah worth of batteries. The handling feels precise due to having more rigid wings and body than the Bix2, though some may still want to add reinforcements. The control horns and clevises are also better than both the original Bix and the Bix2 (by far), with no control slop whatsoever, adding to the precise handling.

Without FPV gear, this plane floats beautifully and balances great with a 2200mah. It out-thermals the AXN glider and can handle mild aerobatics quite well. Great value, whatever your purpose! (And for me, it fits across my little car's back seat, unlike the wider Bix2.)

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