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Bixler 1.1 4S Don't try this at home kids!!!

By blackbirdboy1, 27 Mar 2016 into Bixler in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

As the winds were gusting over 20mph, things got a bit interesting once in the air. Flying backwards being the norm!
I'm still using the DAL T6045 prop. Seems to give a bit more thrust than the APC 6x4. Not sure of the efficiency, but seeing as I don't go too far afield, its not a problem. But it does seem be more noticeable on 3S, having flown with a 3S 2200 the flight before this one.
Using the old Mobius C Lens as the Foxeer Legend or RunCam 2 are big files which takes ages to upload!
Mr Robinson turned up after I was in the for 2 mins. I think seeing the Bixler get thrown about put him off flying his 210 quad, but he soon found out that they handle the wind better than planes.
I did not mean to land when I touched down, but once down, I would have stayed down given the choice, but having tried to stay in the air, the extra throttle lifted off again before I had chance to stay on the ground! Then later I had a few goes at landing before I finally managed a belly flop out of the wind. I prefer to land L.O.S in strong winds, but wearing glasses, by the time I have taken the goggles off & put my glasses on & located the plane, it could have crashed or be somewhere it shouldn't, so decided to try for an FPV landing. Difficult with a light plane in high winds. Fun though!!!

Thanks for watching.

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