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Sky Surfer Bixler FPV Armored Bullet Proof Built ACU Skin

By wirewolf903, 07 Jan 2012 into Bixler in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

SkySurferPRO FPV

Skysurfer Version 1 Portable with ACU Camo Armored Skin
Turnigy D2826/6 2200KV Motor
Readymade Outrunner Brushless Motor Mount for EasyStar/Sky Surfer
40Amp Birdie ESC with 50amp Burst
APC-E 7x4 Prop
9g Metal Gear Servos x6
2 Turnigy 30C 2200 mAh in parallel all the way in the front powering everything
FY-21AP and FY-117OSD
Futaba T10CHG 2.4G Transmitter
Orange FASST 8ch TFR8S Receiver
Weight: 1960 grams/4.3 lbs

FPV Gear
900 MHz Wireless Video Systems
900 MHz FM Wireless 500mw A/V Transmitter
Tiny 1" wide X 1.99" high X a very slim
.33" thick and weight is only 3/4 ounce
12 volts at 250mA
Ibcrazy DIY Vee Antenna mounted to the tail

Ground station
This is still a work in progress.
Two 900 MHz receivers
RangeVideo Micro Diversity controller
Ibcrazy DIY BiQuad Antenna and an Omni Antenna
15in LCD TV
Head play goggles
SuperCircuits Portable DVR/Receiver with 2in display( it's an older one and looking to upgrade)
All mounted in 1550 Pelican Case

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