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Finwing Transformer windy maiden

By Andrew Newton, 23 Sep 2018 into Bixler in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

Too much wind (15+kn) for smooth flying but the Finwing Transformer handled it with ease. F44 and F33 versions both flew well, and would make a great fun flier or camera platform in calmer weather. Loops and rolls no problems.
F44 setup
Twin 2205 2300kV motors with counter rotating 6x4" props
3S 3000 LiPo 30A ESCs
F33 setup
Turnigy 2826 1400kV motor with 7x4 prop
3S 2200 LiPo 30A ESC
What gear do I use to record reviews?
Wide view workbench camera - SJCAM M20 Action camera 1080P 30fps -
Close up workbench camera - Canon S100 1080P 24fps -
Audio recording - Rode mic connected to iPhone -
Hatcam flying footage - Mobius D -
And Firefly 8S (90ยบ lens) -
External Microphone -
Onboard footage - Mobius C2 1080P 30fps -
Editing in Final Cut Pro X or iMovie on a 27" iMac
All the Action cameras I have reviewed -

Building materials and recommended RC gear -
Newton Airlines Uncut -
Newton Airlines blog -
Andrew Newton YouTube -
My portal -
More information
iNAV fixed wing tips -
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What FPV cameras do I use -
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Depron Armin Wing build -

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