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Mysterious box from HobbyKing Team for Pilot Robert Unboxing

By Robert Petrincic, 14 Aug 2019 into Bixler in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

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The Quanum V52 is the next-generation ground control system for all radio control models!

While completely compatible with boats, cars and robotics, the V52 has been designed to replicate actual flight controls for aircraft and once you have tried it nothing else will come close to providing such a realistic flying experience. The system is so good that full-size aircraft pilots will have little difficulty in transitioning to model aircraft using the V52!

While the V52 provides instinctive and realistic flight control of your model aircraft, when combined with first person view capabilities it provides the ultimate immersive RC flight experience. You will feel like you are flying from a cockpit. The traditional gimbals of a standard radio control system have been replaced by a joystick and sliding throttle to exactly replicate the modern flight control systems used for professional, commercial and military UAVs and this is why the V52 is the premium ground control system for FPV flying. You can even plug in your computer simulator rudder pedals via USB for an even more immersive experience.

The versatility of the V52 makes it ideal for multi-rotor, rotary or fixed wing models aircraft and with 8 selectable channels it offers complete functional control of your model with ergonomically designed and logically placed switches.

The V52 comes with a system menu screen allowing you to adjust and change various channel settings as well as a transmitter module bay that has been designed to work with most "JR" style RF modules. You simply plug in your preferred control link. The V52 can be used with long range UHF systems, through to general 2.4Ghz systems and even some older analog systems.

The V52 also comes with two CPPM ports that can be used for trainer or head tracker inputs or for computer simulator output. One of these ports can also be used for a standalone long range (UHF) transmitter system.

As you would expect for a product of this quality, the V52 comes with a detachable 360-degree tripod stand and a tough aluminium case for transport and storage along with an adjustable monitor mount, a fantastic package for a fantastic product.

The V52 is THE ultimate in RC Ground control stations and the ultimate way to fly and control any RC model.

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