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Bixler chase attempt - Video link (Cyclops Storm OSD) - English subtitles

By tomsunax, 31 Jan 2014 into Bixler in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

A windy day in November 2013 in the kite park in Raisio. My Bixler 1.0 (mostly FPV) chasing Jon von Weymarn's Bixler 2.0 (LOS) |

Probably the first time for both of us flying in close proximity to another plane. It's easier than chasing birds, but it's not easy - need more practice! I had my FPV camera further back than usual which proved not to be ideal for this kind of use.

Main video: coming soon
High-altitude teaser:

Akhriat - Place Where The Air Breaths (used under Creative Commons - CC BY 3.0)

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