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Bixler 2 1km above Mt Duneed

By FPV Flyer, 15 Jun 2015 into Bixler in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

Pushed my battery even more this time trying to go cloud surfing and reached 1000m above ground before giving up, the clouds were just to high today :-( The glide/descent was great and almost achieved 30 minutes of flying in total. Not bad for a 2200mAh battery on an overloaded Bixler 2. The no load battery voltage was 11.2V when I came home so could have flow even longer. Next time.......

Most annoying, the Mobius didn't record. I thought I turned it on but after landing the light was solid and there was no file on the sd card :_(

The equipment consist of:
Plane = Bixler 2
Motor & Prop = Turnigy D2826-10 1400kv + 8x5 SF prop
Radio = Futaba 8J mode 2
Receiver = R2008SB
FPV = Fat Shark Predator V2
VTx = ImmersonicRC 600mW + ImmersonicRC SpiroNet Antenna
VRx = 3 turn Helican IBCrazy antenna
OSD = Arkbird autopilot system w/OSD
2nd camera = Mobius Wide Angle B Lens 1080p

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