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Making learning to fly fixed wing easier - links to help

By Painless360, 10 Sep 2019 into Bixler in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

Good trainer models
Bixler V1.1 review:
AXN Floater review:

Beginner limited no R/C knowledge:
Introduction to RC series:

Beginner who knows how an R/C system works:
Introduction to flying fixed wing:
Flying Wings for beginners:
Introduction to FPV:
Adding FPV to a model easily:
Tips on fixing foam planes:
Simple OpenTX setup for a fixed wing model:
How to make a fixed wing model easier to fly:

For those who have want to setup a more complex fixed wing model:
Complex 'plane setup process:

If you can aleardy fly a quadcopter/drone:
How to make a fixed wing model easier to fly:
Wing setup for Quad Pilots:
Teaching as Quad pilot to fly a 'plane:

Adding a flight controller to the model:
A comparison of stabilisers and flight controllers:
An overview of the most common FW flight controller options:
iNav 2.1 Build Series:
Latest Arduplane Wing build:
Eagletree Vector Series:

You can see more R/C related videos on the channel -

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