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Hobby King Bixler 1.1v2 fpv chase with quadcopter

By ViolentMouse, 29 Sep 2018 into Bixler in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

The Hobby King Bixler 1.1v2 is a terrific RC plane. It has large quick acting surfaces, and is super forgiving. this plane is great for beginners looking to learn to fly, or for experts looking to have a little fun.

In this Video we chase a Bixler 1.1v2 to show off just how well this thing can fly.

Bixler Pilot: Capt. D
Quad Pilot: ViolentMouse
Airplane: Bixler 1.1v2 from Hobby King

Quadcopter: Custom built on realacc 210mm X210 pro frame.

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