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By Perry Wolf, 20 Apr 2012 into Bixler in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

HD Version of an earlier video I uploaded.

This is a HobbyKing Bixler which is an excellent entry level beginner plane or FPV platform. You can find it here on the HobbyKing Web site:

In this video I'm flying the Bixler which I painted with a high visibility paint scheme using Krylon H2O Waterbased paint which is foam friendly.

The plane was bought in ARF form and it's running off a 2200mAh Turnigy Lipo along with a 30A ESC. Also running a 6x4E APC Pusher propeller which is WAY more efficient than the stock propeller that comes with this plane.

The wing spar has been beefed up with a Carbon Fiber arrow shaft slid over the existing carbon fiber spar which came with the plane. (The original spar had previously snapped during an earlier flight).

The GoPro mount is simply a piece of 1/16" aluminum bent to fit the Bixler Canopy opening and held in place with a Dowling pin glued into the back wall of the canopy opening which is drilled so a cotter pin holds the aluminum plate in place.


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