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10 days of flying the Bixler 3

By MostlyHarmlessRC, 02 Aug 2015 into Bixler in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

Here I'm flying the first plane I've bought in a decade: the Hobbyking Bixler 3. This plane is really a powered glider and this version has a slow but efficient motor. That's okay because I'm enjoying gentle fpv (first person view) flights and long glides down from elevation. After owning a Bix 3 for nearly two weeks, I would highly recommend this plane for this sort of flying.

FPV and camera gear:
Skyzone TS58500 video transmitter
Sony Super hadII fpv camera (PZ0420)
ImmersionRC Uno5800 video receiver
7 inch monitor on a tripod
Mobius camera (HD video from the right wing)

Music: Andy Lime - Desire
Tunguska Electronic Music Society

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