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RC Bixler 2 maiden FPV

By Cosmin Stahie, 09 Jul 2013 into Bixler in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

Bixler 2 (KIT version from Hobby King) maiden flight directly with FPV and flaps.

Full information about the setup at the end of the video, main points:
- Bixler 2 kit version (glue it yourself, no electrics)
- D2826-2200kV Turnigy motor with special Bixler motor mount
- ESC 40A HK
- 2200mAh Nanotech Turnigy battery
- FrSky D8RII-plus 8channels receiver with DJT transmitter combo pack, 5DB antenna, extra 40cm and 60cm receiver antennas
- Turnigy 9x with ER9X firmware
- FatShark Predator v2 FPV 250mW 5.8 Ghz goggles, transmitter, receiver combo
- Spironet Immersion RC circular polarized 5.8Ghz antennas for FPV
- FPV camera mount with 2 additional servos for pan n tilt
- 6 servos (4 analog, 2 digital) for surface controls, including flaps (which increases stability a lot)
- 7x4 Master Airscrew triple propeller with 3.17 mm collet adapter
- 460mAh nano-tech sepparate battery for FPV
- 808 #16 HD Lens D 120 deg camera from eletoponline365

I used this calculator for the setup:

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