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FPV Flight Using Hobby King RC Bixler Aircraft and HK 5.8Ghz Video System - FatShark Kinetics

By BMSWEB, 25 Sep 2011 into Bixler in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

Flight with the Bixler Aircraft along with 5.8 Ghz Video System using Standard Antennas. Will soon be changing to the Clover and Skew Paner Antenna. The Camera is the Standard Pal Version from Hobby King with an Ebay Wide Angle Lens fitted. We did two flights with this RC Model Aircrat, first using the video monitor and the second using the FatSharks. Interestingly the it was easier flying with the Fat Shark Goggles.

If you do happen to buy this video system, please consider using the links below and I get point from HK with go to my account and it will allow me to buy more items and do more information videos like this.


5.8Ghz System

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