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GoPro Hero HD 2 Footage - Hobby King Bixler RC Glider - NOVA OSD with RTH

By BMSWEB, 02 Jun 2012 into Bixler in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

Same flight as previous video but the footage from the GoPro. I never recorded the OSD feed . . forgot the MiniDv Camera I use to record the feed . . whoops.

Finally got the NOVA OSD back in the Bixler. Took it out for the wiring tutorial. In any case its all back in and seems to be flying well so we are ready for a long range test. I've noticed you need to have the Aircraft Trimmed out before calibrating the OSD. If you don't do this it will either grain altitude or lose it. Once you get this right it seems to fly well even in gusty condition. I even did a Pilot Assist landing!

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