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New Bixler 1.1 FPV - maiden & formation (near crash!)

By ZaksterBlue, 26 Jul 2015 into Bixler in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

My new Bixler 1.1 FPV glider!

The maiden, some rain, a re-launch, formation flying with a near-crash... all good!

My first Bix1.1 lasted nearly two years, providing me with so many great flights. I killed it by flying without the wing joining rod! (oops) Even then, it hung on for 40 minutes before folding.

Very simple build, much like the first one, to keep it light:
- carbon reinforcements in tailboom and tail plane
- LRS Rx and antenna at the back of the tailboom
- Mobius cam for FPV feed and recording
- TS5828 600mw VTx
- Arkbird OSD

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