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FPV Bixler ferry chase and more

By mike o, 19 Apr 2014 into Bixler in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

Old HobbyKing 900MHz 200mW VTx and VRx meets a $12 SC2000 camera, a homemade patch VRx antenna / inverted V VTx, and joins Bixler 1.1. Really only came together to test new 433 OpenLRS firmware and antennas, but worked really well. FPV camera has poor contrast performance compared to the $45 PZ0420, but not a problem in the middle of the day.

Video goggles are FatShark Base SD which has almost the same resolution as the Dominators, but have wide FOV, are lighter and better adjustable for pupil distance.

Bixler received a new, $10 2826mm Silver Blue outrunner and 6x4.5x3 prop. Flies smoothly and silently on a 2100mAh LiPo. Flying time close to 30 minutes possible with some gliding and throttle management.

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