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Bixler FPV Live flight attempt 2000ft climb technical problems

By MrGyro, 22 Jan 2014 into Bixler in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

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Our aims were to..

Climb to 1km (3280ft)
Fly 2km out to the railway line
Stream the whole flight live on YouTube

Managed 0.67km (2020ft) climb
1863ft away from start point
Streamed the first few minutes live on YouTube but then we lost our internet link.

We had some issues with our internet connection streaming the video to our YouTube channel. We ended up using a mobile phone data connection for the video stream & this caused some issues with our ground station

We will try again, with a better setup in a few weeks!

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Music by Aequitas, titled "Like A Bird Flies" from Audiopad.

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