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Adding Floats to a Bixler / SkySurfer / AXN / Hawksky / EasyStar

By mmerry2 on YouTube, 06 Aug 2013 into Bixler in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

In this video, I walk you through the process of adding floats to your HobbyKing Bixler RC Plane. These floats should work on similar RC powered glider planes like the BlitzRC SkySurfer, Multipex EasyStar, Dynam HawkSky, and AXN Floater. Want instructions to print out, check out the article here:

I used a GWS Float set because they were inexpensive ($15) and easy to assemble, but if you would rather make your own floats, here is a great article about making your own: . Even though the GWS floats come with instructions, I walk you through the construction of the floats also. Finally, we install the floats on the Bixler.

Taking off from water can be a challenge, even for experienced RC pilots. This article was of great help to me:

While taking off from water with the Bixler is possible, adding flaps or flapperons helps a lot.

Thanks to FliteTest for featuring my video here:

GWS Floats (model GWSFLOAT535):

Rudder parts:
-plastic gift card
-HXT900 9-gram servo:
-HobbyZone HBZ7128 control rod and clevis set:
Beacon FoamTac Glue:
Control horn:

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