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Checking Out A NE'erly Slope With Bixler 1.1

By Raymond Hattrem, 12 Jun 2019 into Bixler in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

Went for a 1,5 hour hike to check out a slope for future slope soaring. Brought the light Bixler 1.1 to test it out. And it's comforting to have powered airplane - just in case. The slope is steep - sorta way to risky to head down for a rescue mission.
Wind direction was optimal - NE. Speed not ideal - only 10-12 knots - and it died out. Which was expected - according to the weatherforecast.
Will return one day when winds are at least 20 knots. And bring other airplanes - now as I'm familiar with the spot and know how exhausting it is to hike all the way up there.
The slope is great - lots of potential

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