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Bixler FPV: Trying to go jello free on the Horyzon HD3, failing at distance

By CurryKitten, 03 Jul 2013 into Bixler in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

I thought I needed to go and balance my motor on the Bixler, but using the vibration app on my phone, the effect was close to negligible. I exchanged a few messages with YouTube'r octane81 who does some great flights with the HHD3 on his Twinstar, and suggested I try loosening the prop on the collet, rotate it slightly and then tighten, and try repeating this until one position feels smoother.

I've done this, and whilst it's not great in all positions, I seem to have a pretty smooth cruising speed now - which I'm happy with (although I also have another make of prop to try)

It was nice that the weather was nicer this time and so I ended up with much nicer brighter footage.

Sadly, my FrSky system, despite being quite isolated from other electronics starts to fall apart past 1km. Up until this point, it's solid - I was expecting to be able to get 2km reasonably safely, but it's not happened yet

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