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Bix3 build

By Andrew Newton, 04 Aug 2017 into Bixler in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

This Bix3 was so cheap on the HK summer sale that I couldn't resist. PNP for A$83, and it came with the Boxler Kit (joke). It has some very nice design changes from the Bixler 2 and a very different wing airfoil with under-camber and enormous ailerons and flaps. The large canopy, FPV mount and quick release wings are excellent additions. A large battery is required for correct CG placement, 3000 3S worked OK. Max current draw is 20A and the ESC is only 20A which is poor design, should be 30A. The motor in typical Bixler style has a horrible whine sound and the shaft has been lathed down to an odd size less than 3mm.
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