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Complete FPV System Bixler Flight Test

By professoriadevaia, 26 Jun 2012 into Bixler in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

Prof. Iadevaia conducts the FPV complete system flight test. It didn't start out well. The transmitter lanyard caught up in the elevator/aileron control stick which resulted in a crash into a tree. The GoPro HD camera recorded the very short flight. It happens to the best of us!

The video contains the actual OSD downlink video from the plane as well as the simultaneously recorded HD video from the GoPro. The use of the GoPro as the FPV camera and the on-board HD video recorder worked fine.

Complete equipment list is as follows:

SkyLark Tiny OSD with GPS
GoPro 960 HD camera
VuPoint DVC-ST100B-VP-BX4 Digital Video Converter
500 mw 900 mHz transmitter, receiver and cables from DPCAV
Design for the chassis used based on Steve's design from

Bixler (following several crashes modified wing spar using 1/4in solid aluminum rod)
FS TH9X transmitter and receiver

The system works just fine. Next step is to learn to fly FPV with monitor first and FatShark goggles second.

The experiments during the test phase of the FPV project were interesting and meaningful learning resulted about FPV, the Bixler and flying. A worthwhile and successful project.

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I hope this project was useful.

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