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AIR3 iNav failsafe RTL

By Andrew Newton, 05 Sep 2017 into Bixler in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

Testing failsafe by turning radio off. Paris Sirius AIR3 flight control board with GPS from
Stay tuned for Skyhunter and FX-79 builds with the awesome CarbonBird 3515 1111kV motor and superior fast digital KST servos
CarbonBird 3515 1111kv 4S fixed wing motor -
iNav AIR3 Fixed Wing -
CB113mg servo -
CB215mg servo -
Aeronaut 40mm spinner -
Aeronaut 12x6 folding prop -
Aeronaut Mittelstuck folding prop centre piece -
iNav 5.0V uBEC -
Newton Airlines Uncut -
Newton Airlines blog -
Andrew Newton YouTube -

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