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Bixler FPV Range Test with Stock FrSky 5.8Ghz System - 3klm - Hero2 & Hero3

By BMSWEB, 27 Dec 2012 into Bixler in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

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Firstly depending on your location, if you're in a flat area, up high or in a populated area, you will either achieve more or less range. This is purely intended as a reference to help you gauge Standard FrSky System. Also note that this test was done away from populated areas and on private property . . so please be careful and don't fly unsafely.

With this test we used stock FrSky with and 200mw HK 5.8Ghz video system using custom built Skew Planar antenna and Clover Leaf. Just beyond the 3klm point Failsafe kicked in and video was lost for about 20seconds, until the aircraft turned back home.

So in good conditions you really wouldn't want to fly beyond this sort of distance unless you don't want your aircraft back again.

Now before anyone asks about the OSD footage, I never recorded it due to memory card issues. Won't make that mistake on the next flight test.

Bixler had the Hero2 on it and the Ground footage is from the Hero3 Silver Edition

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With the next range test we will fly using a Patch antenna on the RC TX and Helical antenna for video RX. I'm expecting failsafe to kick in between 6.5 - 8 klms range.

In any case I hope you enjoy the video :)

GoRig Stabilization Rig
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Below is the Shopping list for everything on this aircraft:
Bixler Aircraft - International

Bixler Aircraft - Australia

Propeller 6 x 4

2200 3S Battery

FPV Antenna's
Using a Skew Planar on vRX and Clover Leaf on vTX
I'm made these myself so I don't have any links sorry. But I do have a build video. I now make these antennas using a Jig

I'm using a 30Amp RCTimer ESC which I got from ebay.

FPV Camera
Direct Link to PZ0420 Camera

GoPro Hero 2
Shop around for this. I paid $330 here in Australia :(

Bixler Mount for FPV Camera and GoPro
Search ebay for item number 251154491961

Nova OSD System
Search ebay for NOVA OSD

Thats all I can think of for now

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