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Modified Bixler 2 with NTM Motor and 7x4 Prop Test Flight

By Aussie RC Playground, 05 Apr 2015 into Bixler in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

Modified Bixler 2 with NTM Motor and 7x4 Prop Test Flight
After smashing my Bixler 2 into the ground a few months ago, I decided to go a little crazy with it and upgrade it. I did manage to salvage all the wings and electrics from the crash and only had to replace the fuselage. When I decided to rebuild it, I thought I would upgrade it and TRY to make it better. I'm using a NTM 2200kv motor, a 50amp Hobby King ESC and running it on 3S. I also reinforced the wings for less flex in the attempt to make this flimsy foamy into a more solid and responsive plane. So now this usually docile trainer/FPV plane is a rocket-ship!

Hope you enjoyed the video and stay tuned for more on this plane. :)

NTM Motor from Hobby King:

NTM Prop Adaptor:

Hobby King 50amp ESC:

7x4 Prop:

Bixler 2 KIT:

Bixler 2 build:

My first Bixler Flight & Crash:

Hobby King Bixler 2 - My Flight Progress So Far

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