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S800 Sky Shadow Reptile V2 Wing Review

By Krazy FPV, 06 Sep 2017 into Bixler in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

The S800 Sky Shadow Reptile from banggood is a great entry level park wing that flys on all your normal miniquad gear.
Strap a 2300KV on the back and a 6" prop and you'll get 10 minutes of flying using a miniquad 1300 4s pack.

Easy to build Easy to balance and even easier to fly. I was RTF after about 2 hours of building. The Glue drying took up most of the time

Bang for buck it doesn't get much better than this.\

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//S800 Setup//

Kiss 24A ESC -
6045 HQ Prop -
2 x (g Servos -
Cobra 2205 2300KV -

KIT version:
PNP version:
Banggood Anniversary Sale (RC page):

// My Freestyle Frame //

Armattan Chameleon -
Kiss Flight Controller -
Kiss 24A ESC -
Mr. Steele Motors
Triblade 5x4x3v1s PC HQ Props -
HS1177 FPV Cam @ 30Degrees -
5.8 VTX - or
TBS Triumph Antenna -
1300mAh 65C AGA -

// My Long Range Frame //

Armattan Chameleon 6" -
Kiss Flight Controller -
Kiss 24A ESC -
Lum 2206 2000kv Motors
6045 PC HQ Props -
HS1177 FPV Cam @ 30Degrees -
5.8 VTX - or
TBS Triumph Antenna -
TBS Crossfire mini RX -
1500mAh 65C AGA -

// RC Control //

FrSky Taranis -
TBS Crossfire -

// HD Video //

Go Session 5 1080p 60FPS -
DJI Mavic -

// FPV Setup //

Fat Shark - Dom HD V2's -
la Forge Diversity with TBS Triumph and TruRc Crosshair -


Final Cut Pro and Compressor -

Big thanks to these Guys

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