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Taranis X Lite - Awesome

By Andrew Newton, 31 Aug 2018 into Bixler in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

BANGGOOD Taranis X-Lite -
This is a beautifully designed Taranis, just as powerful as the X9D+ and Q X7 but much smaller and easier to hold. Internal antenna and RF module, with provision for external antenna and R9M Lite
915/868MHz module. Great for quads and planes.
NEXT FPV 18500 batteries (charger link on same page) -
BANGGOOD Website -
FrSKY Download page for the SD card contents -
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AMBER Sound Pack -
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What gear do I use to record reviews?
Wide view workbench camera - SJCAM M20 Action camera 1080P 30fps -
Close up workbench camera - Canon S100 1080P 24fps -
Audio recording - Rode mic connected to iPhone -
Hatcam flying footage - Mobius D -
And Firefly 8S (90ยบ lens) -
Onboard footage - Mobius C2 1080P 30fps -
Editing in Final Cut Pro or iMovie on a 27" iMac

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