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Bixler FPV POD

By -RCWASP-, 29 Nov 2015 into Bixler in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

My mate wanted to try out some FPV on his Bixler so I got to making a clean and dirty portable FPV pod. Very simple to make using a Hobbyking Plywood FPV mount and....

Video Transmitter: SkyZone 500mW TS58500.
FPV Cam: Sony 600tvl with 2.8mm lens
Antenna: ImmersionRC (Fatshark) Spironet (LHCP)

I made a few modifications like adding a block of wood to raise the FPV cam up higher and cut a couple of slots for the Velcro strap to slide through and secure it to the plane.
I also drilled some holes to cable tie the video transmitter in place and also on the base for the wire harness to pass inside the fuselage.

I wired in a 3S balance plug connector to run off any 3S battery because both cam and vtx can handle 12v.

This also means you can run this set-up independently of the flight battery by securing a smaller sized battery to the underside of the pod.

This is the first time my mate has ever FPV'd and he liked it a lot!

Following my Monocoupe around was a bit challenging for him but he didn't do too bad on his first FPV landing.

Personally, I like the feel and stability of the 250 race quad for this sort of FPV plane chasing but the experience of FPVing is pretty awesome all round! :)

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